Started learning Javascript on 21-05-2022

I started learning Javascript consciously like a little bit more than a week ago – on the 21st of May – through a friend or better through an acquaintance, who suggested me a site called Crunchzilla Code Maven.

At first I wasn’t too impressed by the learning platform, because it is factually dull and boring and it hasn’t been updated since 2015. I also have read reviews about this Code Maven and – quite frankly – got the same vibes from other users. As my acquaintance has said, ‘it’s not a marvelous thing, but it’s good to learn the basics and concepts of programming’.

I do say so myself, it is good for that, but for nothing else. There where a few points which I didn’t understand how they work, but actually it doesn’t matter, because what I have to learn is the idea of programming, to think as a programmer and not the examples from Code Maven.

It has been more than a week now and I managed to walk through all the chapters. I don’t say that I remember everything nor that I have become a programmer by this short amount of time, but I guess it’s still something what I have learnt. Still, I have to keep practicing it every day.

I have set up a Github repository for Code Maven, in which I have taken notes of the code I have seen, understood and kept for later reference. Here it is. It’s not a development repository, but it’s merely a code collection.

The good thing about Code Maven is that uses Javascript for writing code, also the HTML5 Canvas API. It is used for 2d drawings. Not that interesting, but if someone becomes a good, logical thinker and gains some programming experience, then even in the CANVAS API can used to create some very interesting apps.

Actually, I wanted to show off some piece of code here that I wrote, but nothing comes to my mind and actually I don’t have anything yet to brag about, not that I want to.

OK. That’s it for now.

Have a nice day!

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